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Plant-Based Charity

Me and Charley spent our Sunday at The Eden Project last weekend; it is SUCH an incredible place. This was a little bit more of an expensive trip, but it is completely worth it. There are two different biomes that proudly stand at the centre of the site and come into view very quickly as you drive into the car parks; even from the outside the biomes are a spectacle. As you walk down to the biomes, the pathway weaves

Inside the Rainforest Biome (one tiny section)

through beautiful botanical gardens, which help create natural and preserved habitats for species which are native to Cornwall. The biomes replicate two different climates: one is a rainforest climate and the other is a mediterranean environment. Within the two biomes are thousands of plants and species, there are even little birds (annoyingly, I can’t remember their name but they were really cute) that walk freely walk around the rainforest biome and they often cross your path.

Side note: If you are planning to visit The Eden Project for the biomes, wear cool clothes, or if you’re wearing warm clothes, have a t-shirt to hand that you can change into. The rainforest biome is SO hot and humid, I didn’t realise this and I had a thick rainbow jumper on and spent most of my time trying to think of ways to cool down.

I highly recommend the dairy-free, natural-sugar mint choc ice cream with a WOODEN spoon of course, YAY no plastic!

Everything about the Eden Project encourages being environmentally friendly; from refilling water stations, to wooden spoons for their ice cream. There are little buds of information about the different environments, plants and species and their history placed around the site, which remind us of the importance of looking after the natural world as best we can. If you’re a bit more of an adrenaline junkie, there is a huge number of crazy things to do, like the MASSIVE zip wire that starts on one side of the site and ends at the other; so you can experience more of a ‘birds eye view’ of the incredible location.

For more information about the different ‘Adventure activities’ you can do at the Eden Project visit: https://www.edenproject.com/visit/whats-here/zip-wire-adventure-activities .If you’ve read my other blog posts you probably would have gathered by now that I definite did not try out any of those activities… I’m much more of a feet firmly on the ground kind of girl. But there is so much to do and see at the Eden Project, for any kind of experience you are interested in! They even host huge concerts with big names, like Mumford and Sons, during the summer - it’s pretty awesome.

It is a little bit more of an expensive trip, but The Eden Project is an educational charity, The Eden Trust, which was set up to provide support, workshops, education and crisis counselling for those who have suffered the loss of a child. Therefore, even though you have to pay a little bit more for this adventure, your money is going toward helping the project grow to hold more natural habitats and toward providing support for a beautiful charity. To learn more about the charity, head too: http://www.edenstrust.org.uk/ . After visiting The Eden Project, we went home, had some fajitas and chilled out, and it was one of my most favourite days. I will remind myself of days like that when I'm feeling a little bit bogged down with anxiety playing tricks with my mind, and that's how I will get myself through.


The Eden Project encourages public transport, so much so they offer a discounted entry price to those who have used public transport.

To get from Plymouth City Centre to The Eden Project:

Public Transport: Train from Plymouth city centre to Saint Austell - When you arrive at Saint Austell, jump on a bus at Saint Austell Bus Station (Stand E) which will take you to Eden Project Main Bus Stop. Driving: The car park is free and the location is very easily to get too, just make sure you follow where the traffic warden directs you to park upon arrival.

Cost: As previously mentioned, this trip is a little bit more expensive than my usual £20 budget, but it is really worth the money and it goes toward a great cause! As always, I recommend taking a packed lunch with you to help save money where you can! Student Entry (with public transport discount): £18.50Student Entry (without public transport discount): £20.50 (if you book in advance - I recommend to save money) or £22.50 if you buy on the day. Train ticket: Off-Peak Day Return (Plymouth to St Austell): £11.00 (This will be less with a railcard) Bus ticket: £12 for a day ticket.

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