Ferry: The ferry takes only thirty minutes and goes straight from the Barbican Landing Stage in Plymouth to Cawsand Beach. The timetable for the ferry runs 09:00am to 4:30pm from Plymouth and 09:30am to 5:00pm from Cawsand. For more information head to: https://www.plymouthboattrips.co.uk/ferries/cawsand-ferry/#tab26


Driving: The drive from Plymouth to Cawsand was pretty simple, it's a forty-five minute journey from Plymouth City Centre, there were a few country roads (as always) but a lot less than I've experienced before with seaside villages. I'd recommend driving to Cawsand and walking to Penlee Point, I'm not quite sure how or if you can drive straight to Penlee Point but I'd definitely say the walk and the beautiful village of Cawsand added to my trip.



Ferry ticket: £5 each way for adults.

Parking Cost: £4.50 for 3-4 hours, which I would say is the best length of time to go for!

Driving: The drive is easy until the last few minutes as the road is very narrow with some sharp bends, the journey overall takes around thirty minutes. 

Public Travel: You will need to get the number forty-eight bus from Plymouth City Centre, the journey takes approximately thirty minutes. Make sure you get off the bus at Sea View Drive, Wembury bus stop because from there, it is only a short fifteen-minute walk. 


Parking Cost: £3 for Winter months, £4 for Spring and Summer months. 

Bus ticket cost: I couldn't find the exact price for the City Centre to Wembury ticket, however, you can get a Zone 2, day rider ticket for only £6.

Driving: The drive to Fistral Beach is so simple, it takes just over one hour to get there from Plymouth City Centre and the parking is located just a short walk from the beachfront. 

Train: Plymouth City Centre to Newquay on the train takes one hour fifty minutes. From Newquay train station to Fistral Beach is only a short twenty-seven-minute walk. 


Parking Cost: £3.00 for 3 hours or £7 for the maximum length of time. 

Train ticket cost: £15.60.

Driving: The drive to Port Isaac from Plymouth City Centre is a pretty simple drive, it takes about an hour and a half and is well signposted. Upon arrival, there are two proper car parks which you can choose between, I would recommend Port Isaac Main Car Park, it's a little walk through the village and then a bit of a steep walk along the cliffside (although it is a very beautiful walk so you don't mind the steepness). The other car park, St. Endellion Car Park, is slightly smaller, although it is closer to the harbour.  

Unfortunately, there aren't any public transport options for Port Isaac that I know of yet. 


Parking Cost: £3.00 for 3 hours or £5 for all day.

Driving: The drive to Torquay is simple, just under an hour and essentially made up of dual carriageways and motorway. We parked at Lower Union Car Park which conveniently leads straight out to the high street shops and is an easy fifteen-minute walk to Living Coasts. 

Public Travel: The train from Plymouth to Torquay takes around 50 minutes and includes one change at Newton Abbot. From the train station, it is a 20-minute walk to the town centre. 


Parking: Up to one hour is £1.40, two hours is £2.50, three hours is £3.50, four hours is £4.50, five hours is £5.50, six hours is £6.50 and twenty-four hours is £8.00. 

Train cost: Train prices vary, but the average is about £15 without a railcard. 

Driving: The drive to Paignton is, similar to Torquay, very simple. It takes around 45 minutes and is clearly signposted as you get closer. The car park is on-site and there is an overflow car park which is a short walk away from the zoo. 

Public Travel: The closest train station is Paignton Train Station, from there to the zoo, it is a 25-minute walk or, alternatively, you can catch the 122 bus which takes you from Paignton bus station to Paignton Zoo. 


Parking: Parking is free at Paignton Zoo. 

Train ticket: Train prices vary, but the average is about £15 without a railcard. 

Bus ticket (from the train station to the zoo): £2 each way.

Entry to Paignton Zoo: £16.95 for a student. 

Entry to Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts: (Zooper Ticket) £23 for a student. 

Driving: The drive to Brixham takes just under an hour, there is a large, short stay car park which is a few steps away from the lovely shops and cafes. 

Public Travel: Bus GOLD from Plymouth City Centre to Paignton Bus Station (Stand 12) and from there it is a 1-minute walk to Stand 11 to jump on Bus 12 toward Brixham. The bus will stop in the Town Centre. (On the Stagecoach you can 'plan a journey' which is really helpful if you're a nervous traveller). 


Parking: 3 hours maximum was £3.50

Bus ticket: South West explorer: £8.30

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